How to Protect Everyone You Love and Everything You Have …
From Courts, Conflict and Needless Costs

In this essential 19-minute training, you’ll learn the exact steps to:

  • Keep your family safe from conflict and infighting
  • Protect your young children in the case of an untimely illness or death 
  • Name back-up parents who can step in if something happens to you
  • Avoid the high cost of death taxes – even if they go higher!
  • Bypass the probate court process entirely so you can keep the courts out of your private affairs.
  • Get the help you need to pay for long-term nursing care when it’s needed
  • Defend your loved ones from losing everything to the nursing home
  • Keep your assets out of our already-clogged and slow-moving courts even after you’re sick, disabled, or deceased

And finally …

  • How to prevent a lifetime of your hard work from being squandered and lost in just a few months after you’re gone.
Fitchburg estate planning attorney Michael DellaMonaca

Meet Michael D. DellaMonaca

Michael DellaMonaca graduated with honors from Boston College Law School in 1997. After graduation, Michael was an associate at a leading local firm, where he represented high-net worth families and their businesses, and assisted in formulating their estate plans. He then went on to practice for several years in the greater Boston area, where he continued his estate planning practice, and also became well-versed in commercial law and real estate finance.
Despite great success in the legal field, Michael always felt something was missing. He became an attorney to help people, to guide them through life’s potential pitfalls, but yet he felt the traditional law firm set up was actually serving as a barrier between him and his clients.
Also, he felt that it was time to return to North Central Massachusetts, where he grew up and where his career started, to give back to his local community.

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